Where Light Has No Purchase

Where Light Has No Purchase

Release date: April 2022

Released on: Reedsy.com & Inkitt.com


Howard Smith is the last surviving astronaut of Earth’s first mission to a black hole. As the mission goes awry and lives hang in the balance, Howard must come to terms with his past and a desperate message he needs to send home before he is swallowed by the vortex.


Where Light Has No Purchase was my first short story venture on a public platform and probably one of the most personal narratives I’ve ever shared.  Like so many people coming from abusive homes, I felt the need to unload a small fragment of my childhood, and the black hole of regret that permeates so many father-son relationships.  I was blown away by the response it got which boosted my creativity and confidence while helping to grow my readership.  I hope it continues to resonate with folks and remind them that light really can spring from the darkest of places.

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