Release date : June 2022

Released on : Inkitt.com


When Ed Bradley’s vintage computer spits out messages from the past, Ed must decipher their meaning in order to save an innocent life.


I’ve always been fascinated by the 1893 Columbia Exposition World’s Fair.  To view the photographs from that time feels almost magical – like spying on an ancient image of Rome in all of its glory.  Of course, Chicago had its fair share of problems back then as well – as Ed soon figures out. I watched a mini-documentary about “The Doddleston Messages” account and thought portions of it would make a fantastic segway into that world.  A fair amount of readers may have trouble with the many technical/historical references but I hope they take the time to enjoy this slow-burn (for a short story) thriller.  One extra note – there is an ASCII image/story element in the text. So do yourself a favor and read this from a computer monitor, not a phone.

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