No Fishing Past June

No Fishing Past June

Release date: June 2022

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Horticulturist Scott Jenkins is new to the little town of Star, but the locals already don’t like him. Something’s killing Scott’s plants and he’s making waves trying to understand it. With the aid of a local misfit, Jimmy, Scott unearths a terrible secret from the town’s past and a presence hell-bent on destroying him and everyone he loves.


Reedsy put out a contest that co-insided with the 4th season release of the popular TV show, Stranger Things. The prompts basically asked for common tropes to any good horror/thriller story (a town on the edge of darkness, a flickering light, an unlikely friendship, etc.) I’m a fan of the show and I wanted to try my hand at some Lovecraftian fiction just for fun. The first draft was MUCH campier and on the nose, but I realized with these kinds of stories, less is more.  Extra points if you can decipher the hidden message in the text.

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