The Last Candlelight

The Last Candlelight

Release Date: December 2022

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Vernon and May bought their ranch in Western Idaho with dreams of a better life, but darkness has come to their sleepy valley – one that spreads with the promise of vaccination, one that will destroy everything Vernon loves.


I’ve found driving through western Idaho’s prairie lands is a kind of  a magical experience, beyond the natural beauty of the hills, I often see dilapidated barns and remnants of homes in the distance. I’ve always wondered what the story was behind those old bones of someone’s life, and what got them there.  COVID affected everybody differently but one consistent issue was the loneliness and despair it created among those who survived it.  Like those abandoned homes, it hollowed out lives. In some respects it felt much like a monster at the door, just out of sight, waiting for any of us to let it in – challenging us to face it if we were to reconnect with our loved ones. Supernatural and world-ending events are often serialized into epic tales but I wanted to keep this to one man’s story – and how even the smallest spark of courage can make a difference in the darkest of times.

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